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Moynahan in “A Greek Tradgedy” Facebook video
My End
the Island
ark Moynahan is the George Bailey of Sea Isle, a large
residential community located approximately 18 miles
southwest of downtown Galveston on the Island’s
west end. Universally liked and respected by his neighbors,
Moynahan, like the fictional character in the classic film
a Wonderful Life
, is “the luckiest man in town.”
“All of us in the neighborhood lean on him so much that
if he ever moved, we would contemplate leaving as well,”
says Scott Speed, who owns a waterfront home in the
community. “He is a good-hearted and honest guy, and
there are not many more like him around.”
Owner of Moynahan Builders, the affable Moynahan,
who served in the U.S. Marine Corps, is a gentle bear of a
man with twinkling eyes and an easy-going nature. On his
Facebook page, Moynahan writes of himself, “I’m a lover
of life and a leader of men. I love the life I lead.” And the
people in his orbit look to him for leadership.
“Just this week, we had the water line to our refrigerator
By Donna Gable Hatch
The Popu l a r Facebook Se r i es by Ma r k Moynahan
Moynahan inspecting job site before filming
Moynahan preparing for new video segment
Moynahan and crew
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