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icemaker start leaking late at night, resulting in water in our
kitchen, hardwood floors and our lower level bathroom ceiling,”
homeowner Brenda Crocker says.
“We called a contractor, who called his plumber first thing the
next morning. We were told the plumber would arrive early
afternoon; he arrives after 5pm and said he would be back next
morning with new line to install.”
Crocker says she and her husband waited, and waited, and
waited. By 4:30 the following afternoon, they had enough. They
called the contractor and told him to forget it; they would find
someone more reliable.
“We then called another plumber near our neighborhood and
left message. This call was never returned.”
Frustrated, angry—and with damages mounting—they were
referred to Moynahan, “who responded within ten minutes. His
crew installed a new line within a couple of hours,” she says.
As the once-waterlogged Crocker discovered, Moynahan’s
clients soon become friends, who refer friends, who then
become friends—and the cycle continues.
Gianna Giambi has turned to Moynahan for big jobs and
small jobs, and regardless of the project, the workmanship,
professionalism, and humor is rock steady. “He, his crew and
his work is always first class. Over the last year, he has done
plumbing, an ice machine
install, made my outdoor
shower and put up a flat
screen TV,” Giambi says.
“I was once in the middle
of a crawfish boil, and my
burner broke while he and
his crew were working.
He told me to hold on a
minute and came back
with a burner. Saved my
party, and eighty pounds of
crawfish. When I asked him
what I owed him he said,
‘two bottles of wine, and
you gotta let me take you
flounder gigging.’”
Moynahan freely shares
his extensive knowledge of
construction and home repairs not only with those who live in
his community, but also with the community-at-large through
his online video series, “My End of the Island.”
The fun, entertaining, and informative video series features
the engaging home repair guru as he shares tips and
suggestions on home repairs, remodeling, and preventive
Ed Buckman, who lives in central Ohio—nearly 1,500 miles
from Moynahan’s home turf—knew there was a leak in the roof
of his carport. But he could not find it. Frustrated, he says he
got online and did some digging.
“There are a lot of do it yourself fix it videos online, but finding
one that handles anything other than a generic issue, like
fixing a toilet or installing a new faucet, are hard to come by,”
Buckman says.
“Then I landed on a thread, and I was directed to ‘My End of
the Island.’ I wasn’t up for a long, drawn out video, but I was
pleasantly surprised. This guy is different. He’s funny; the kind
of guy you can just talk to, sit around and shoot the breeze, ya
know? You can tell he knows what he’s talking about when it
comes to construction.”
Buckman says he clicked through several segments until he
found one that seemed to fit his particular problem.
“He walks through the steps to find a leak that looks to be
coming from a bathroom above a carport. After ticking off all of
the possible causes, he comes up with a trick that I would never
have thought of: using food coloring to isolate and observe the
leak as it reaches the overhead of the carport will reveal the
source. Genius,” Buckman says. “I used the trick myself to find
my leak, and wouldn’t ya know, case solved.”
Moynahan says he has learned a lot of tricks of the trade over
the course of his decades-long experience as a professional
contractor, and he is more than happy to pass along the
knowledge. “I started the videos to educate my customers,
to bring awareness to common problems of often overlooked
issues,” Moynahan says.
“I like educating people and I think videos add a greater depth
and dimension to the information I want to share. And I believe
that talking to the viewer as though he or she were right there
with me—not delivering a sterile monotone lecture—brings a
sense of camaraderie.”
Mark Moynahan
doing a walk through