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with a spear—all the while -avoiding
stingrays, quicksand and mosquitoes.”
When he looks back at his life, he never
expected to be a full-time contractor.
But, he says, it was probably always in
the cards. He comes from a long line of
very handy men. His father and his father
before him were contractors.
“In the beginning, being a contractor-
carpenter was the only thing I was
knowledgeable enough at, to eke out a
The segments, the shortest of which
is sixteen seconds and the longest
5:57 minutes, began on his personal
Facebook page. Then a friend in
the Galveston Police Department
suggested Moynahan launch a
separate Facebook page devoted
exclusively for the “My End of the
Island” videos. Word spread, the page
started getting Likes, and he knew he
was on to something.
“I saw that I could help make
people’s lives better, and it cost
nothing and took almost no time out
of our schedule,” he says.
Some have suggested that he try
to make the segments more like
other self-help videos, and he has
considered it.
“These are produced for people
surfing the web. I would have an
absolute ball making a 30-minute
video or having a real film crew and
things like that, but the vast majority
of comments that I get are about
the natural kind of being-right-there-
with-me feeling folks get with it not
being scripted.”
After so many years in the field, he
says, “I have a tremendous wealth
of information right on the tip of my
tongue. I don’t need a script. I know
what I want to say, and I say it.”
He and his crew, affectionately
known as “Spider Monkeys,” review
the videos, and if one does not live
up to their standards, it is vetoed
before it ever gets online.
“We do have a lot of fun working
and doing these videos. I’m sure the
guys would get a kick out of doing
a real TV show, and I know I would
be able to educate and, enlighten
people, and, hopefully, make a few
folks smile in process.”
Moynahan, a member of
the Galveston Volunteer Fire
department and the Galveston
Marine Rescue Team, is also an avid
outdoorsman and plans to produce
fishing and hunting videos, “just for
the fun of it all. I really enjoy hunting
and fishing. There is a very unique
sport down here on the coast called
‘flounder gigging.’ You take a lantern
or spotlight out to the shallows
around the bay and hunt for flounder
living wage, for my new family,” says
Moynahan, who is divorced and the
father of six grown children.
“I was foolishly embarrassed to tell
all my old classmates that were then
college-grad professionals, that I was
just a carpenter. Once again, Dad
came to the rescue. When I told him
how I felt about my position, he said,
‘Look at all the great ships, cathedrals,
castles, at all of the places people call
home. It was all built by carpenters.’
Well, I have never looked back.”
He cannot stomach people being
flimflammed, and as a U.S. Marine
(“Once a marine, always a marine.”),
he leaves no one behind when it
comes to ensuring people get a fair
“I got out of the U.S. Marine Corps
in 1986 and tried to be a mailman for
about six months, but I just couldn’t
take the monotony. So, I went into
the only thing I knew and enjoyed:
construction,” Moynahan says.
“I tried working for other contractors
for about a year, but I just could not
believe the corners I was told to cut
and steps I was instructed to leave out,
just so they could make a faster buck. I
decided then, come hell or high water,
I would do it my way—the right way.”
Thanks to the videos and referrals
from clients, he says, “My business
has grown exponentially over the past
two years and is showing no signs of
letting up. I can see a much larger crew
and in one form of media or another,
reaching out to make even more lives
He has lots of dreams, he says, and
he’s not afraid to dream big. After all,
no job is too big or too small.
Winning the CCA Texas STAR
Tournament, the Lone Star State’s
biggest fishing tournament, is on
that list. But it is not at the top of the
leader board.
“My number one goal in life is to be
the kind of friend and neighbor that a
friend or neighbor would like to have,”
Moynahan says. “My dad said, ‘Your
word is the most valuable thing you
have; keep it.’ I want to show as many
people as possible that one person
really can make a difference for the
better.” Semper Fi.
Mark Moynahan
host of
“My End of the Island”
An engaging and informative
online video series in which
Moynahan shares tips and
suggestions on home repairs,
remodeling and preventive maintenance.
Moynahan Builders, Inc.
Galveston Island - 281.704.2743
Mark Moynahan with
custom barn door frame
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