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Photos by Kimber Fountain
In addition to his SD FIT-6 Total Body
Workout classes, Steve also teaches
Kick Ass Kick Boxing in the dojo which
gracefully lacks the sterile and corporate
feel of many kickboxing gyms. He trains
with professional equipment, such as
certifiable reflex bags, as opposed to
flimsy free-standing bags.
But the most pointed difference is the
quality of the system and the instructor. As
opposed to simply using kickboxing moves
to work out, Steve’s training does not belie
practical application.
Since opening this past May, Steve’s
creative SD FIT-6 system has quickly
earned a following due to its innovative
approach to combining all the necessary
elements of a well-rounded workout with
practical knowledge that builds confidence
while also teaching a specialized skill
set. But the true drive behind the dojo’s
success thus far has more to do with how
it symbolizes and defines a life’s purpose.
“There was a time when I was an officer,
and I was seeing all of these horrible
things, so there came a time when I
said to myself, ‘I want to give something
back,’” Steve recalls.
More than all the plaques on the wall,
the myriad of accomplishments, and list
of awards, the dojo is a living, breathing,
fighting legacy, a tribute to a life well
lived, a garden that grows warriors.
At the same time, a sleek branding of his
dojo and upbeat, modern music infuse
the space with an approachability, much
in contrast to the sometimes lofty and
withdrawn atmosphere of many martial
arts studios. “But don’t get me wrong, this
is still hard-knocks training,” Steve says.
“I created a system that works for me,
that is fun, and gets results,” he continues.
Steve also attests that his training goes
much deeper than physical fitness, and
that his goal is to instill a confidence and
clarity in his students through a blend of
knowledge-based techniques.
The “SD” in SD FIT-6 stands for self-
defense, and the “6” is an outpouring
of a lifetime of experience into a one-
hour class—Kenpo Karate, Boxing, Body
Building, High Intensity Interval Training
(H.I.I.T.), Martial Arts Yoga, and Cop 101.
The class blends the philosophy and
techniques of Kenpo and boxing with
strength training and H.I.I.T., a series of
exercises performed with little or no rest
in between.
Martial Arts Yoga “isn’t really a thing,”
Steve laughs, but it is a term he coined
to refer to stretches that he has modified
to specifically complement martial arts
training. It is featured in his Saturday class,
the SD FIT-6 Recovery and Abs Workout.
Lastly, Cop 101 incorporates the principles
of personal safety and awareness.
SD FIT-6 dojo
2207 Postoffice
(entrance faces 22nd Street).
SD FIT-6 is a concept and gym
created for adults.
Call 972.832.5466 or visit
for more information.
SD FIT-6 Class Schedule
SD FIT-6 Total Body Workout
Monday, Wednesday & Friday
8:30am, 5:30pm & 6:45pm
Kick Ass Kick Boxing
Tuesday & Thursday
8:30am, 5:30pm & 6:45pm
Saturday at 9am
SD FIT-6 Recovery and Abs Workout
Saturday at 10:15am