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spent the next ten years, and began waiting
tables at Tavern on the Green where she
met Milton. When he moved back to
Galveston, she came to visit and fell in love
with the island.
“I was ready to move, because there was
Milton, and it was the perfect antidote for
New York. The people I met down here
were ‘what you see is what you get.’ Just
open, honest, good people.”
From her 14 years of employment
at Hendley Market (2010 Strand), she
developed her backbone of business sense,
learning to hold the customer in high regard
and to respect the merchandise. It was
there that she adopted the philosophy that
would become key in the business model
for GIANT: Only sell what you truthfully
Taking that philosophy to heart, she
left Hendley Market to open up her
own restaurant. EATcetera emerged in
the southwest corner of the M.W. Shaw
building. “Milton built it, I came up with the
menu, played around with it for about a
year,” Hunting laughs.
They opened in October of 2007. “She
worked 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 8
years!” Ausherman exclaims with a smile.
After nearly a decade, Hunting handed
over the reins to her manager and current
owner Ann O’Brien, who kept on the entire
staff. “It felt good,” Hunting admitted, “it
was kind of like, ‘here’s the next generation’
and it felt nice to step away from that.”
Today, Ausherman and Hunting are also
looking for the next generation for their
building. They decided they want to move
out west, and put the M.W. Shaw building
up for sale.
“It’s been on the market for two years,”
Ausherman says, “and I thought the best
way to see this space is to open it all up.”
So Ausherman tore down the wall
bifurcating the 3000 square-foot downstairs
space. With 14-foot ceilings and 12-foot
windows, the whole room lit up with natural
light; it became the perfect setting for a
Ausherman then created pieces of
furniture that displayed his creative talent
with wood, like a bed frame formed of a
half-lapped grid of mahogany and maple,
a testament to his beginnings working
with scraps in an old wood shop. He is also
displaying a butcher block baking table
on legs of ebonized pine complete with bright red wheels able to lock in place
wherever you need it.
Hunting’s love of Japanese culture is reflected in the Tetsubin tea pots, high
gloss lacquer trays, and unique ukiyo-e prints. The recycled rubber tire votive
candles, pouches, and purses showcase her desire to bring contemporary and
environmentally sound design décor to the island. This is just a taste of the
sophistication and modern style that GIANT displays.
And towering above it all is the giant red robot. A sculpture Ausherman built
for fun earlier in his career, it seemed appropriate. “Well, this is giant, it is 3000
square-feet of furniture and paintings and sculptures,” Ausherman affirms.
But most importantly, GIANT stands as a testament to the tenacity and
adaptability of the Galveston culture and its people, and pays homage to the
philosophy held by the gallery’s owners to sell only what you truthfully love.
GIANT is located at 2427 Market Street on the corner of Market and 25th Street.
The gallery is open Wednesday thru Saturday from 11am to 4pm or by
appointment. Call 409.392.3331 for more details
Images courtesy of GIANT