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Yoda & The Captain

Yoda & The Captain

Despite the negativity and hardships of the past year, many people have found the time and desire to learn new skills, develop their creativity, or in the case of Debra Pease and Steve Broom of Sea Isle --both.   
Initially inspired by Steve's daily Facebook posts, encouraged by Debra's thirst for learning, and concocted from a gernerous pour of....   

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Looking Pretty

The Glory Days of Aimee Bonnard

Elena Sandovici was inspired not only by Galveston but also bya particular era and location--1809s Postoffic Street, particularly the blocks between 25th and 29th Streets, home of a red light district called "The Line".

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Murder of Principal

A Murder of Principal

Fans of local author Saralyn Richard are in for a treat--the prolific writer's latest mystery novel Murder of Principal is available this month. "This is the most personal of my mystery novels," Richard explains, "because I've spent many years working as a teacher, administrator and school improvement consultant in urban schools throughout the country..."

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Fulgurite-Most Underrated Beach Find

Galveston's beachcombers are busy every day searching for things of beauty like the olive shell or the ever elusive intact sand dollar, but fulgurites insprie little fanfare despite the intriguing fact that they are the product of one of nature's most awesome forces--lightning.

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Gardening 101

Gardening 101: Back to Basics

Since the garden offers little activity this time of year, it is a perfect opportunity for seasoned gardeners to become reacquainted with some green-thumb basics and for potential newbies to prepare themselves for spring.

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Gardening 101

The Road Less Traveled

Most Texans who have been to California for a wine tasting vacation have headed to Napa Valley, the Golden State's most well known wine region to taste Cabernet Sauvignon, the area's most famous varietal wine. However, Napa is not the only wine region in Calfornnia that has an identity grape.  

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    Beaches aren't all Galveston has to offer. Local theater productions, contemporary art exhibits and other family events that always inspires.


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    Home & Garden

    Enjoy inspirational interiors, decorating and gardens from those that help shape Galveston Island style.

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    Where to find lunch, brunch, dinner covering casual to fine dining. These places are not afraid to try new things. Hope you're hungry.


In response to the ongoing fight against Covid-19, the City of Galveston is now requiring all customers of public-serving Galveston businesses to wear masks. This order is in effect thru September 30, 2020. The order requires commercial entities that provide goods or services directly to the public to establish a health and safety policy requiring face coverings for customers aged ten or older. The face coverings should fully cover your nose and mouth. The order does not apply to nonprofits and other noncommercial operations that serve the public.

Amber Moyse

Strand Chronicles
The Strand

The portion of Galveston’s Strand Street between 20th and 25th Streets is called simply, “The Strand.”

GFD History
Galveston Fire Department

Galveston Monthly presents a multi-part series on the history of the Galveston Fire Department.

Seawall Chroncilces
Seawall Chronicles

Built after the Storm of 1900 to protect Galveston from future storms.

Historical Homes
Galveston's Historical Homes

Histories of the incredibly rich past of the architecture in Galveston.



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