The Heard Gallery - Same Location, Same Beautiful Art

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The Heard Gallery recently relocated to The Emporium at Eiband’s, 2204 Postoffice Street, in a section some locals refer to as the “Art Corner.” Three corners of the intersection of 22nd Street and Postoffice house three different art galleries, and the fourth is the home of a large mural painted as a collaboration between local artists.

  Owner Ray Heard, now semi-retired, paints from his Galveston home studio, and his completed works have been united at Eiband’s with those of other artists and antique dealers. Along with Heard's colorful beach art, at least fifteen other fine artists and purveyors of antiques are on display.

  Heard’s lifetime work has never been limited in subject matter, he has depicted local homes and wildlife, vacation spots from around the world, and a myriad of others. Large art is his specialty. This summer, he is focusing on commissioned, custom paintings by request while keeping the gallery updated with new works.

  The Heard Gallery is located at 2201 Postoffice Street, inside The Emporium at Eiband’s. The gallery is open Wednesday-Sunday 10am-5pm and by appointment Monday and Tuesday. For more details contact Ray Heard directly at, visit, or find The Heard Gallery on Facebook.