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I See Seashells...And Sea Serpents

Summer has finally arrived, and crowds are headed to the beach to swim, fish, and enjoy the Gulf waters. Common advice is to be aware of rip tides, jellyfish, and over-exposure to the Texas sun, but if eye witnesses and newspaper accounts from years past are to be believed, there might be one more thing to be aware of…sea serpents!

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Smith Perry

On The Water Restaurants

Boating around the bay and craving a meal of fresh Gulf catch? Maybe you’re looking for bait and a burger to go? Want to gas up or grab a great meal before a sunset cruise? Throw on a cover up and a pair of flip flops, and pull up to one of these waterfront eateries.All three of our featured restaurants offer menus ranging from fine dining to casual fare in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Willametter Valley

The New Subregions of Willamette Valley

In Willamette Valley, Pinot Noir is the undisputed king of grapes. The valley is responsible for 69 percent of the wine grapes grown in the state of Oregon and 81% of that production is Pinot Noir. The region sits between the Cascade Mountains and the Coast Range.

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Placeholder imageThe vegetable gardens have been weeded, tilled, planted with seeds or seedlings, and fortified with fertilizer. The flower beds have been dead-headed, trimmed, re-stocked with fresh mulch and well-appointed with complementary vibrant and dazzling spring and summer plants.

The pots and planters have been readied with additional potting soil and refreshed with colorful foliage and vigorous blooms and blossoms. This should be the moment in time to enjoy all that toil and effort, the time to observe our completed undertaking with a sense of accomplishment and pride.

But what about the pests?

ATIFreedom Boat Club Now Offering Memberships
Freedom Boat Club is the world’s largest members-only boat club with a location on Galveston Island located at Pelican Rest Marina on Offatts Bayou. The Club offers members the ability to experience the joys of boating without having to deal with things like maintenance, fueling, repairs or storage.

The Club buys and maintain all boats and offers a variety of top-quality boat types. Every member enjoys unlimited access to their home Club fleet, and annual memberships also include reciprocal benefits at more than 350+ Freedom Boat Club locations in the USA, Canada, UK, France, Spain and Denmark.

Best Beach Reads for Summer 2022
There's Nothing Better Than Picking Out A Book to Escape Into

Book Reads image Summertime, and the livin’ is easy, right? Well, maybe in days gone by, but there’s very little “easy livin’” in the Summer of ’22. Those who are lucky enough to get some time off work often spend several days just trying to decompress and struggle to turn down the noise and tune out the cacophony of discontent. We are the first humans in history to be bombarded by a 24/seven, 365 days a year cycle of information coming at us from all directions, leaning in from all directions—confusing, confounding, aggravating, bombastic, titillating, funny, heart-tugging, and tragic. Trying to just “get lost” in thought is nearly impossible without a decompression chamber.

Want to know a secret? You can find the greatest escape in human history through the written words on the pages of a great book.

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    Beaches aren't all Galveston has to offer. Local theater productions, contemporary art exhibits and other family events that always inspires.


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    Home & Garden

    Enjoy inspirational interiors, decorating and gardens from those that help shape Galveston Island style.

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    Where to find lunch, brunch, dinner covering casual to fine dining. These places are not afraid to try new things. Hope you're hungry.

Amber Moyse

Strand Chronicles
The Strand

The portion of Galveston’s Strand Street between 20th and 25th Streets is called simply, “The Strand.”

GFD History
Galveston Fire Department

Galveston Monthly presents a multi-part series on the history of the Galveston Fire Department.

Seawall Chroncilces
Seawall Chronicles

Built after the Storm of 1900 to protect Galveston from future storms.

Historical Homes
Galveston's Historical Homes

Histories of the incredibly rich past of the architecture in Galveston.



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