From The Editor

The turn of the dial to 2023 provides us all a unique opportunity to start fresh, to push the mental reset button and gain a new perspective. The New Year also provides us with an excuse to start over and reinvigorate our lives with new challenges.

Lucky for us, not only is the “official” Mardi Gras celebration coming earlier this year with a scheduled launch date of February 10, but Carnival season actually starts on January 6, otherwise known as the day of Epiphany.

It was only right that we devote this, our first edition of 2023, to the beloved holiday. We wanted to allow you plenty of time for preparations - as an Islander all measures should be taken to ensure that the season is celebrated to its fullest - and there was certainly no objection to starting the year with one of our all-time favorite topics.

Islanders love the enchantment of this tri-colored miracle called Mardi Gras. Inside you will find a first look at the official Mardi Gras! Galveston 2023 parades, performances, parties, and much more. We have also included a feature to help assist you with planning the ultimate Mardi Gras party celebration.

Our cover this month is a photo of two Black-necked Stilts at East Beach taken by Leah Garcia-Blanco. Leah has been a consistent photo contributor these past few years and we wish her the best now that she has relocated to Virginia.

Wishing you a magical Mardi Gras season and a momentous New Year!

Enjoy the Island!