Enjoying the Outdoors

From The Editor

OspreyAlthough many people maintain that the summer months are the official beach season, anyone who has experienced Galveston Island in the fall will tell you that this transformational time, as we slowly descend into witer, offers the best conditions to enjoy the island outdoors from beach to bay.

The humidity has lifted, a refreshing breeze mixes perfectly with a warm sun, not to mention that it is one of the best times of the year for birding, fishing and other outdoor activities.

Galveston Island is an important habitat for "snow" birds that spend winters on the Island and is one of the best spots in the country for bird watching. Located right on the mmain trans-Gulf migration route and boasting a variety of habitats such as beaches, wetlands, grassland and woods, it's the perfect winter home for a wide variety of birds.

Every year hundreds of different species can be seen on the Island including Sandhill Cranes, American Kestrels, Piping Plovers, Swainson's Thrushes, Canada Warblers and American Avocets.

The area is also winter home to raptors like red-tailed hawks, one of the largest birds you'll see in North American, and osprey (pictured above), which is unique among hawks because of it's reversible outer toe that allows them to grasp with two toes in front and two behind.

Our cover this month is a painting titled "Surf's Up" by Galveston artisst Rachel Wiley-Janota. Rachel is a talened young artist who has her works featured at Rene Wiley Gallery, a family owned and operated art gallery located in downtown Galveston at 2128 Postoffice.

Continuing this month at the gallery is Rachel's tenth solo exhibition, FRESH CATCH. Opening at the gallery in conjunction with ArtWalk on November 26 is THE WILEY WOMEN SHOW, an exhibit showcasing the works of Rachel, her sister Samantha and her mom Rene. If you have the opportunnity, stop by the gallery to view her works.

Enjoy the Island!