Galveston’s Take on the Classic Bloody Mary

These Bloody Marys are more than just a drink - they’re a meal in a glass!

By John Hall
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In Galveston’s dynamic culinary landscape, the Bloody Mary isn’t just a beverage - it’s an expression of the island’s inventive spirit and a testament to its chefs’ and mixologists’ originality. 

 Envision a cocktail that’s a feast in its own right. Crispy fried shrimp kisses and fried oysters top some of these hearty drinks, their crunch harmonizing with the spicy tomato concoction. Others are adorned with succulent boiled or blackened shrimp, each mouthful bringing a wave of fresh Gulf flavors. 

 But the innovation doesn’t end there. You’ll find Bloody Mary’s garnished with boudin balls or a slider hamburger and onion ring. We also highlight a popular restaurant that offers a Sunday Bloody Mary bar. Here, patrons become the artisans of their own drinks, selecting from an array of options. 

 This month, Galveston Monthly takes you on a flavorful tour as we explore these culinary concoctions, where the traditional Bloody Mary is reimagined with a Galveston flair that’s as daring and adventurous as the island itself. 

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 AHH SHUCKS BLOODY MARY At Shucks Tavern & Oyster Bar, the Bloody Mary is a salute to the sea - blackened style. Crowned with a blackened shrimp, this cocktail is a savory delight that pairs perfectly with the fresh oysters that have made Shucks “island famous.” Made with Austin’s own Tito’s Vodka and Bloody Revolution Mix and topped with garnishes. 

Shucks Tavern & Oyster Bar 414 21st Street | Downtown Galveston 

Placeholder image D-LUX BLOODY MARY BLVD. Seafood raises the bar with a Bloody Mary that’s a savory treat. A shrimp kiss, wrapped in succulent bacon, sits atop this concoction, making each sip a discovery of flavors. Made with Tito’s Vodka, Bloody Mary mix and topped with garnishes. 

BLVD. Seafood 2804 Avenue R ½ | 28th Street & Seawall 

 THE BIG TEX Hubcap Grill - Galveston offers a Bloody Mary that’s a carnivore’s dream. A mini slider hamburger, onion ring, bacon, and a sausage wheel slice create a tower of taste that’s as satisfying as any main course. Made with Austin’s own Tito’s Vodka and Bloody Revolution Mix and topped with garnishes. 

Hubcap Grill – Galveston 2021 Strand | Downtown Galveston 

 BUDDY MARY Katie’s Seafood House offers a Bloody Mary that’s a true seafood lover’s dream. Fried oysters, shrimp kisses and boudin balls offer a crunchy, creamy contrast to the zesty drink below them. Made with Tito’s Vodka, a secret spicy Bloody Mary mix and topped with garnishes. Katie’s Seafood House 2000 Wharf Road | Downtown Galveston - Pier 19 

 SEA ISLE BLOODY MARY West End Marina & Restaurants serves a Bloody Mary that’s simple yet tasty. Topped with both a shrimp kiss and a boiled shrimp, this drink served in a convenient to go cup provides a double dose of fresh seafood that Galveston is famous for. Made with Stoli Chamoy Vodka, house made bloody mix and topped with garnishes. West End Marina & Restaurants 21706 Burnet Drive | Sea Isle - West End 

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 Placeholder imageBUILD YOUR OWN BLOODY MARY BAR A DIY delight for those who love to customize, Number 13 Prime Steak & Seafood features a Bloody Mary bar every Sunday for brunch from 11am to 2pm. Patrons can build their own masterpiece, selecting from an assortment of vodkas, Bloody Mary mixes, bacon, various garnishes and hot sauces, and even boiled shrimp. 

Number 13 Prime Steak & Seafood 7809 Broadway | Pelican Rest Marina 

 Galveston’s culinary landscape is a treasure trove of innovation, especially when it comes to the beloved Bloody Mary. Each creation we’ve featured is more than just a cocktail - it’s a testament to creativity and the spirit of our island. 

 So, gather your friends, or set off solo, and discover the edible artistry that awaits in each glass. Whether it’s for brunch or a leisurely afternoon, tasting these masterpieces is not just recommended, it’s a must for any enthusiast eager to sip and savor the best of Galveston’s vibrant cocktail scene. 

 Cheers to the pursuit of taste and the joy of discovery!