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By Esther Davis McKenna

Galveston’s got a bustling shopping and restaurant district and GM is pleased to be able to keep its readers up to date on what’s new and cool around the island. Whether you are looking for a sassy boutique or a bite to eat, be sure to check What’s New before planning your day. 

East undoubtedly meets west in a celebration of Asian and Texas barbeque cuisines that will be served at the new Pirate Island Bar and Grill. The new restaurant is located in the building that formerly housed La Peska Seafood Restaurant at 728 Seawall Blvd. 

What's NewOwner Spike Nguyen is excited to bring his native Vietnamese dishes to Galveston Island, with a Texas twist. He calls the food a fusion of his past and his future. 

“I remember visiting Galveston as a young man and thinking ‘Galveston reminds me so much of home,’” Nguyen said. “The weather was similar, and we fished and crabbed from morning until night. I remember sleeping on the rocks at the jetties and making plans to come back to Galveston Island someday and open my own restaurant.” 

 Nguyen will realize his dream at noon on September 20, as he cuts a ribbon with the Galveston Chamber of Commerce, marking the official opening of his new restaurant. 

 Nguyen has opened half a dozen restaurants to date. A very successful Vietnamese venture in Kansas City, called iPhoTower, is still in operation and run by family. 

 He moved back to the Houston/Galveston area full time and opened a sports bar in Houston in 2020. That business was a quick COVID casualty, however, and shuttered its doors within a few short months. 

 “I try and take away something from the good and the bad of opening and running restaurants. You can’t concentrate on the losses, but you should learn from them. I am excited to bring a completely new and unique fusion of food to the island. Many of the old names and established restaurants have been here for decades. I plan on joining that group. I am here to stay for the long haul,” he said. 

 Items on the menu include barbeque platters (Texas meats with Asian sauces), savory stuffed crepes, rice and noodle dishes, banh mi sandwiches, Phos, several different sweet and sticky rice dishes, a raw bar with oysters and other local seafood, specialized cocktails, and much more. 

 Island residents will be happy to hear that special discounts will be offered to locals, first responders, and city employees of 10 - 20 percent off. The ribbon cutting is free to the public and everyone is encouraged to attend. 

 For more information, or for hours of operation, please call 409.539.5001. 

Zeke prefers to be known by his first name only, “Like Prince or Cher,” he said. This quirky, happy-go-lucky, entrepreneur has an unmatched enthusiasm for clean eating, and he wants to share his products with the residents of Galveston Island. 

 Zeke has lived in the area since the 1980s and loves the island and its people. A long-time skipper of sailboats out of Kemah, he used to anchor off in Offatts Bayou as often as possible. “Any day in Galveston was a good day for me,” he said. 

 This 72-years-young gentleman says he is a testament to clean eating. “I have eaten clean for most of my life and I feel great. I want to introduce naturally-raised meats to as many folks as I can.” 

 “The food in our grocery chains is loaded with antibiotics, vaccines, preservatives, and God only knows what else. I am committed to making the healthiest of food available to as many people as I can. I’ve been eating this way for a long time and it has worked for me. I know it will work for others.”

 “I am a carnivore,” Zeke said. “And I have found that most Texans are as well. We’re hunters, too, and appreciate the variety of wild game.” 

 All meats sold by Zeke are grass fed and pasture raised in a low-stress environment, unlike those that are farmed to feed the masses. “We carry only the best of the best as far as healthy game goes.” 

 Zeke’s goal is to enlighten people to clean eating and to encourage folks to know where their food comes from. 

 “Life is short,” he said. “Eating healthy will help you stay active and, more importantly, stay functional for the long term.” 

 Zeke’s offers free delivery everywhere on Galveston Island. Future plans include the opening of an additional store in League City in 2024. Zeke encourages customers to get their holiday orders in early. 

 Zeke’s Meats is located at 1510 23rd Street in the left front section of the Elks Lodge building. They are open Tuesday thru Sunday. For more information, or for a complete list of products available, please call 713.429.9707 or visit his website at www.zekesmeats.com

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