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Passion Flower
Passionflower - The Fairy Flower
By Jan Brick

Folklore supports the notion that certain plants attract fairies, whose sole purpose and motivation is the care of the garden. Though they may be perceived as mischievous, engaging in occasional pranks and games, fairies are born with a dedication to their chosen plant, flower or tree. It is said, when a seed sprouts, a Flower Fairy is born, and each fairy lives in its plant caring for and nurturing it.

Hibiscus Cousins
Hibiscus Cousins - Rose of Sharon, Swamp Mallow & Texas Star
By Jan Brick

Galveston gardeners share a distinct fondness for hibiscus, as evidenced by the proliferation of these plants in landscapes and gardens all over the isle. However, there are three varieties that are sighted less often than others—the cousins. With over three hundred species, Hibisceae is the largest clan of the family Malvaceae, a group of flowering plants with over four thousand species including okra, cotton, and cacao. Popular hibiscus such as Rosa Sinensis, the Bahama Bay Collection, Hollyhocks, Confederate Rose and Turk’s Cap are cousins to the lesser-known Althea, Swamp Rose Mallow, and the Texas Star.

Turf Grasses
Turf Grasses for Attractive Lawn-Scapes
By Jan Brick

Grasses that can both grow well during the extreme temperatures of coastal summers and tolerate the salt spray and cool to cold winter months can be a challenge but not necessarily an imposible task.

Creating A Vintage Look - Adding Old Time Charm to a Modern Day House
By Donna Gable Hatch

On September 13, 2008, Hurricane Ike made landfall over Galveston Island as a powerful Category 2 hurricane packing sustained winds nearing 110 mph. When the storm hit at 2:10am, it brought with it a wall of water more than 13 feet high, a storm surge like that of a Category 4 hurricane. In the morning light, the full fury of the hurricane was revealed. The island was decimated. More than 24,165 structures suffered damage, and many homes were uninhabitable or completely destroyed.

By Jan Brick

Cannas were among the earliest known domesticated plants and have been cultivated in Latin America and by Native Americans for thousands of years. All canna species can be traced to the Americas, affirming that the canna is an American genus that was spread around the tropics primarily as a valuable food source since the tubers are edible and a good source of arrowroot starch.

Vegetable Garden
Growing Your Own Vegetable Garden
By Jan Brick

If you are you contemplating a spring vegetable garden, now is the time to organize, plan, and prepare your garden. The danger of frost has passed and the warm temperatures ideal for growing vegetables have arrived. It’s the perfect time to join the millions of families who have discovered the rewards, gratification, and pleasure of growing and consuming your very own harvest.

Fall Creek Vineyards
Fall Creek Vineyards - 45 Years of Texas Wine
By Sandra Crittenden

Fall Creek is one of the oldest 100% Texas-grown and Texasmade wineries in the state. It is a quintessential stop when hitting the Texas Wine Trail whether in Driftwood, located outside of Austin, or at their original Tow, Texas location.