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Crystal Palace

When Ladies Took The Lead 

The year 2024, like 1912, is a leap year - when a leap day, or 29th day, is added to the month of February to align the accuracy of the Gregorian calendar. Why is it called a leap year? A common year is 52 weeks and one day long. That means if your birthday was on a Thursday last year, it would normally be on a Friday the following year.

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James McKay Lykes House 

James McKay Lykes, Sr. (1880-1943) was one of seven sons of Dr. Howell Tyson Lykes, who established the Florida cattle industry before the Civil War. The influence of the doctor’s father-in-law, Tampa mayor Captain James Angus McKay, Sr., undoubtedly provided influential connections that assisted in his success.

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Gardening Trends

A Look At 4 Local Artists

In the expansive and ever-evolving realm of modern art, creativity recognizes no limits, surpassing various mediums and challenging the limits of expression. In this feature, Galveston Monthly delves into the captivating worlds of four distinct local artists, each utilizing their chosen craft as a means for artistic conversation.

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Discovering Hidden Gems

The contents of Clyde Longworth’s bucket of beach finds will vary on any given day from pocket change to pull tabs and from bottle caps to engagement rings. He has also found his share of weapons on Galveston beaches including knives, bullets and, most recently, a stripped-down gun with the serial numbers filed off.

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Pop The Cork

Fans of the late and lazy breakfast will be familiar with the mimosa, a classic brunch staple combining champagne and fruit juice, most often orange. Most historians credit Frank Meier, a bartender at The Ritz Hotel in Paris, with creating this bubbly brunch beverage in 1925. Some claim it was ...

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Transform Your Home

As the chilly temperatures take hold and the lively blossoms of outdoor gardens diminish, there's no requirement to say goodbye to the allure of nature. Galveston, renowned for its distinctive climate, provides a chance to establish an indoor sanctuary with the assistance of houseplants.

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Mardi Gras

Rodeo UnCorked

February is the start of rodeo season in southeast Texas and wine has become an important part of this annual philanthropic event bringing in over $2 million in sales in recent years. The Houston Fat Stock Show began in 1932 and over time it has evolved into the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (HLSR)...

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Mardi Gras

Galveston's Wagon Bridge

The first bridge connecting Galveston Island to the mainland was a railroad bridge completed in 1860. This bridge was lost during a subsequent hurricane, but additional railroad bridges were built in 1869 and in 1877. All of these bridges were simple timber trestles. In 1893, a new bridge was constructed,,,

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Galveston Island’s Latest Buzz

Placeholder imageRenae Bentley opened the Bent on Healthy Living Wellness Center in November of 2022 and has been steadily adding unique services to create a well-rounded fitness center and wellness space. The center provides group classes and wellness therapies for those who live or work in the Galveston County community and out-of-town visitors looking for a group class or spa treatment while on the island. 

 The center offers daily group classes and individual training and coaching and provides a space to work out, learn, and pursue wellness and fitness.  READ MORE>>>

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    Arts & Culture

    Beaches aren't all Galveston has to offer. Local theater productions, contemporary art exhibits and other family events that always inspires.


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    Home & Garden

    Enjoy inspirational interiors, decorating and gardens from those that help shape Galveston Island style.

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    Where to find lunch, brunch, dinner covering casual to fine dining. These places are not afraid to try new things. Hope you're hungry.

FEBRUARY 2024 Issue

From The Editor

From The Editor

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Strand Chronicles
The Strand

The portion of Galveston’s Strand Street between 20th and 25th Streets is called simply, “The Strand.”

GFD History
Galveston Fire Department

Galveston Monthly presents a multi-part series on the history of the Galveston Fire Department.

Seawall Chroncilces
Seawall Chronicles

Built after the Storm of 1900 to protect Galveston from future storms.

Historical Homes
Galveston's Historical Homes

Histories of the incredibly rich past of the architecture in Galveston.