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Turning Stumps Into Sculptures

Della Meredith won her first art competition in kindergarten and has been creating art ever since. Forty years later, she has perfected her craft in the preferred medium of three-dimensional art pieces. These days you will find her on a ladder, with a chainsaw in hand, shaving sculptures from snags - standing dead and dying trees from freezes, hurricanes, or floods.

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Wiley Studio

Inside The Artist's Studio

Nestled amidst the tranquil landscapes of Hitchcock in Galveston County, award-winning artist René Wiley thrives within a realm of vivid hues, capturing the essence of her surroundings through her distinctive and emotionally charged artwork. A self-described "morning person," Wiley starts her day with exercise, a hearty breakfast, and a cup of coffee, tending to her plants before...

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Smashing It

The 1900 Storm - Sept. 8, 1900

At the dawn of the twentieth century, Galveston was a thriving, sophisticated community. Its deep-water harbor and port, the only one of its kind in Texas, was the leading exporter of a number of commodities, especially cotton. The booming economy funded fanciful, elaborate architecture, grand social events, and the most up-to-date conveniences available.

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Taste of the Strand

A Taste of the Strand

Every time my husband and I visit a new city, both here and abroad, we make a point of booking a food tour to familiarize ourselves with the local fare. We recently met the owner of A Taste of The Strand at a friend’s balcony party and were delighted to learn there was a food tour on island. We booked a spot on a group tour at our earliest convenience and thoroughly enjoyed being tourists in our home city.

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Building A Butterfly Haven

Fluttering in and around all the earthly beauty surrounding the Gulf of Mexico are the colorful wings of butterflies, those delicate creatures of captivating beauty that not only grace our surroundings with their enchanting presence but also play an integral role in the intricate dance of nature. Imagine if you could fashion a refuge for these otherworldly insects on your own grounds.

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Direct From The Rhone Valley

Like so many of the great wine regions of the world, a river runs through France’s Rhône Valley. The Rhône River shapes the landscape and lends its character to the wines made there. Viticulture arrived in the region with the Greeks in the 4th century BC but flourished during the Roman Empire. The river was used by the Romans as a trade route...

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PiratesWhat's New in Galveston

Galveston’s got a bustling downtown shopping and restaurant district and GM has added a new column to keep its readers up to date on what’s new and cool in G-town. Whether you are looking for a sassy boutique or a bite to eat, be sure to check What’s New before planning your day downtown.

East undoubtedly meets west in a celebration of Asian and Texas barbeque cuisines that will be served at the new Pirate Island Bar and Grill. The new restaurant is located in the building that formerly housed La Peska Seafood Restaurant at 728 Seawall Blvd. Owner Spike Nguyen is excited to bring his native Vietnamese dishes to Galveston Island, with a Texas twist. He calls the food a fusion of his past and his future.

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From The Editor

From The Editor

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Strand Chronicles
The Strand

The portion of Galveston’s Strand Street between 20th and 25th Streets is called simply, “The Strand.”

GFD History
Galveston Fire Department

Galveston Monthly presents a multi-part series on the history of the Galveston Fire Department.

Seawall Chroncilces
Seawall Chronicles

Built after the Storm of 1900 to protect Galveston from future storms.

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Galveston's Historical Homes

Histories of the incredibly rich past of the architecture in Galveston.